Impaired Risk Annuities

Illness and Injury Guidelines

This guide has been developed as an aid to better help field agents understand the type of illnesses and/or injuries that may qualify for “impaired risk” underwriting of life contingent immediate annuities.

Life contingent annuities are those annuities that pay benefits for:

  • Life only
  • Life and Period Certain
  • Temporary Life Contracts

Keep in mind, the illness and/or injury needs to be significant enough to classify the annuitant as table 4 or higher in order for medical underwriting to impact your case.

For purposes of obtaining a favorable underwriting decision, we must receive Attending Physician’s Statements, Hospital Discharge Summaries, Illness Diagnosis and recent Medical Examinations.

Please Note: No insurance company will reimburse the cost of medical documentation for annuity underwriting purposes.

The following is a partial list of illnesses and injuries that may help you qualify your case:

Illness Injury
Cancer (Metastasized) other than skin cancer Paraplegia
Heart Disease including by-pass/valve replacement Brain Injury (cognitive diminishment)
Renal Failure Spinal Injury
Brain Tumor Significant Burns (lung injury)
Mental Retardation
Diabetes with complications
Cystic Fibrosis

Explain what medical condition affects this annuitant making him/her a good candidate for “sub-standard” annuity underwriting.