Group Dental Insurance

There are many different kinds of dental plans on the market today. Some of the plans available include:

Indemnity Plan – This is a traditional plan, usually the most expensive. You may go to any dentist. The insurance company reimburses for expenses incurred, based upon a schedule of reasonable and customary charges.

Dental Maintenance Organization (DMO) – This type of dental plan has a panel of participating dentists. You must use one of dentists contracted with the DMO. You pay very little out of pocket to see these dentists. The insurance company has contracted with the dentists who receive specific reimbursements for specific procedures. This type of dental plan is usually the least expensive type of plan.

The Dual Option Plan – This is a combination of the DMO and Indemnity Plan. You may go in network (DMO) or out of network (indemnity plan). You must understand that with these types of plans, many of the out of network benefits do not reimburse as well as the traditional indemnity plan. The insurance company really wants you to go to a participating dentist, but does allow the out of network option when needed.