National Life of Vermont Licensing

First time applicant personal information required:

  • Driver’s license number
  • Social Security number
  • State insurance license number(s)
  • Electronic funds Information – Banking – Required for commissions

Please note: If you are licensing a Corporation, enter using the agent of record’s name and social security number. Then, under the producer’s information form, enter the Corporation Tax ID number on the line beneath your social security number and check the box indicating that commissions are to be paid to the corporation.

To Use No More Forms

  1. Open Internet Explorer. The system does not work with other browsers.
  2. Log on to
  3. At the top right corner of the page, click on Client Login.
  4. In the middle left hand side of the page, under Insurance Agent / Agency, click on Login.
  5. Unless you have previously used No More Forms, sign in as a First-time User
  6. Under Insurer, (“Select a Client”), use the dropdown menu and select NATIONAL LIFE & LSW INS CO
  7. Enter your first name capitalizing only the first letter.
  8. Enter your last name capitalizing only the first letter. Your name must be the same as that on your license.
  9. Enter your Social Security number with no dashes or spaces.
  10. Create a password.
  11. Confirm your password.
  12. Package code must be 3WUPAall capital letters.
  13. Click on Logon to NoMoreForms.

All of the boxes noted by a red asterisk ( * ) are required in order for the form to be “Completed”.

In order to save your information:

  • You must click on the red Save Your Info, AGREE, or OK button at the bottom of each page. If you do not click on the red button your information will NOT BE SAVED.
  • When navigating pages do not use the back button as it will kick you out of NoMoreForms.

Once all forms are completed, you will be given the option to add attachments. Please attach a copy of your Errors & Omissions Coverage, License and any supporting documents.